Um…how to…er…stop using fillers

To Pick up on Dan’s amazing post. I could not agree more one of the areas we need to focus more energy on in Kids ministry is our “stage presents” and performance skills. I recently read “The exceptional presenter” great book with tons of practical insight.

The comfort food of verbal communication in the US at least is Um, er, ah, i think and you know what I mean. I am guilty of a few of these and have been working on erasing them from vocabulary you know what I mean?

I found these points below to be very helpful these are just a portion of the full article please click through to read the whole thing.

10 Ways to Erase Fillers
Here are 10 things I have used in the class to erase the fillers used by my students in their talk whether in an informal chat or in a formal setting. I have also personally used these methods to wipe away fillers. I still use them on occasion.

idea 1 When in Doubt, Shut the Mouth:

idea 2 Think Consciously and Speak slowly:

idea 3 Rewind a Filler Sentence and Play the Correct One:

idea 4 Go on a One Minute Filler Diet:

idea 5 Read Aloud for 10 Minutes Everyday:

idea 6 Listen to Interactions and Catch the Fillers:

idea 7 Pair and Play the Filler Count Game:

idea 8 Use the 4Ps: Plan, Prepare, Practice, Perform:

idea 9 Speak in Short sentences:

idea 10 If Nothing Else Works, Bite the Fillers:

I have written here what has helped either me or my students in overcoming the fillers or crutch words. I believe that if you use them sincerely, as we did, they will be of immense help to you. So here’s wishing you a filler-free oration.

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