YouTube Friday: Psalty

If you were a parent, child, or kids pastor in the late 80’s early 90’s Psalty was a fan favorite. Now all these years later he just seems a bit creepy. I wonder is Jonathan Cliff is also scared of big blue singing song books

Here is a VH1 behind the music parody of Psalty, enjoy.


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7 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Psalty

  1. Can you believe that there is a whole generation of kids who will never know the wonder of Psalty the Singing Songbook, Charity Church Mouse or “We’re going camping now, we’re on our way!” It’s a crying shame, I tell you!

    And don’t forget COLBY the Singing Computer!

  2. Jeff,

    I think Psalty is the creepy second cousin to creepy barney.


    Right you are so sad. As for Colby I remember him well actually it’s a little known fact I was in a Colby play our church did when I was in Jr. High

    Here is a clip of another church doing the same play we did. I was the boy saying “Hey they brought Colby”

  3. Funny parody, but I think we’re missing the huge impact that Psalty and other characters had on Christian music for kids. We’ve come a long way from singing “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam” in Sunday School and it’s the Psalty music that helped pave the way for the upbeat kidmin stuff we sing today.

    Anybody care to give me a “Howl-lelujah?”

  4. Tim,

    I agree, we have come a long way. So greatfull our 12 year old kids aren’t singing sunbeams.

    As far as characters go I don’t think singing song books are the way to go. We could use in our culture a Hannah Montana, iCarly with a biblical worldview that appeals to kids across the board.

    I think our subculture mindset over the years has kept kids with dreams and passions to reach and effect culture trapped in a subset of culture where they taste some enough success to inoculate them from being what God as called them to be.

    But that’s just me.