A Thin Man's Guide to Losing Weight: Chapter 2


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Chapter 2: Just because it’s there you don’t have to eat it.

Another rule I live by that has served me well so far in life is do not eat it just because it’s there.

Scenario – You go to a friends house they bring out a big plate of cookies, everyone has one cookie,fine. There are two cookies left they sit on the plate they taunt you. You feel compelled as either a good guest or a lover of cookies to eat the remaining cookies. DO NOT do this.

Scenario – You go to the movies and get a bucket of popcorn (I’ll address the buying of movie popcorn and candy goodness later) roughly the size of a two year old human. You start eating you family has all reached their limit and have stopped but you paid 25.99 and are going to get your moneys worth. You eat the popcorn just because it’s there. Never do this.

Scenario – Any time you eat at the house of any Italian BEWARE they are skilled in the art of overfeeding their guests. I know I married into a family that are amazing cooks but also try to overfeed every person who walks through their doors.

Say no to food that is extra and above. Eat till you are satisfied and not full.

If food is there taunting you it is not your responsibility. Do not eat it and you will be one step closer to living a thin man’s life.

5 thoughts on “A Thin Man's Guide to Losing Weight: Chapter 2”

  1. Spencer Click

    Adding to that…eat slowly. It takes a while for the bodt to tell you tat you feel satisfied and often times by the time you feel satisfied you’re actually full.

  2. Spencer very true.

    Jonathan, LOL you are killing me. I had forgotten that thin people suck at moving stuff. So if you move furniture for a living or are the person in your church who owns a pickup truck disregard the above advice.

  3. The advice I got from an older gentleman that stayed trim his whole life was this:

    Stop eating when you feel that voice inside saying .. "I'm about full"

    We are programmed to "Clean our plate" and "Don't let that go to waste because there are kids starving in Africa".

    His saying was this: "Better to waste in the pan or trash can than to waste on the man."

    Obviously this is easier said than done. lol

  4. Couldn't agree more. We try to give "Sane" portions to our kids. I am actually proud when they stop eating because they are full. I have on more than one occasion told our boys that they have had enough. Appetites and eating habits come from conditioning.

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