And the winner is………..

Before I get to that let me explain how I picked the winner. We now live in the 21st century I am a fairly computer savvy person. So I decided I would download a simple computer program that would allow me to enter names than randomly highlight or select one of them.

To my shock no mac user must have come across this problem. At least every program written for this purpose was written for “the devil” (pc’s). Most of them were secret Santa programs. I guess they must have better christmas parties at microsoft.

If anyone know of a mac program that does this let me know.
Anyway don’t get me going on pc’s. I couldn’t find a new school way of selecting the winner of my Robin Hood marketing contest so I had to go old school.




Congratulations Jonathan Greene! Enjoy the book.

To Trick or to Treat?

This time of year there is always a bit of a hub bub about all saints day.

As a children’s pastor I am frequently asked about child related controversies, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and every year Halloween.

How I feel about it is best illustrated in a recent event that took place in my house. My son turned 3 recently he loves swords, pirates have swords, so he wanted a pirate and pirates travel by ship, so he wanted a pirate ship. With a pirate ship comes a skull and crossbones. I have no problem with them. My wife does not feel comfortable with them so we did not put the skull stickers on the ship in any way.

To me this is where I have a problem. Many times we as Christians are more concerned with “external issues” and totally ignore the more important “internal issues”.

Being a Christian in culture is a very difficult thing. But I think at times we focus on the wrong things that make us different.

Do we want people to think of us as the people who turn their lights off and hide on Halloween?

I feel we need to be less concerned about projecting an image than reflecting an image?

One article a good friend of mine pointed me to address our role in culture in a brilliant way. The blog is called Experimental Theology check it out.

Temporary Depression.

red_sox_unravel_macgregor.jpg It is with a heavy heart I blog today. There are a very few things worse for me than seeing the Yankees lose. One of those things is seeing the Red Sox do well.

I think you know that you are a “Die-Hard” fan when you feel the same sinking feeling when your team loses as you do when their sworn enemy succeeds.

I really don’t like the Red Sox. The only thing worse than a Red Sox fan is a Red Sox fan when their team is doing well.

I have little to comfort me today. The only thing I find comfort

in is hearing the distant chant of my grandchildren in the new Yankee Stadium 86 years from now saying very loudly “two thousand seven – clap, clap, clap, – two thousand seven.”

Youtube Friday: The difference between Men and Women.

Recently I asked two of my friends what their favorite Youtube videos are. My friend who is a man said he like this video that was a prank with wooden spoons. I though to myself that sounds funny.

My friend who is a woman said otters holding hands. She proceeded to tell me how “cute” it was. I wasn’t feeling it.

I told them both I would watch them the spoons one actually made me laugh out loud for a long time. I am laughing now just thinking about it. The otter one (pun intended) I did not get. What perplexed me more was the otter hand holding video had over 8 million views in 7 months!

I guess women are better viral marketers then men.

Here they are:

Men: wooden spoons

Women: Hand holding otters.

Enjoy the strawberries!

I am reading a book from one of my favorite authors: Brennan Manning. The book is called The Wisdom Of Tenderness. He had a story that really spoke to me where I am at right now. It is about a monk being pursued by a tiger.

“Approaching a precipitous chasm, the monk looked back and saw the tiger about to spring. In the nick of time he saw a rope hanging over the edge of the cliff and began to shimmy down it, out of the clutches of the tiger. Whew! Then he checked below and saw a quarry of huge, jagged rocks. Not so good. Back up, maybe? No, the tiger was poised atop with bare claws. As the he weighed his options, two mice began to nibble at the rope.

What to do? The monk saw a strawberry within arm’s reach growing out of the face of the cliff. He plucked it, ate it, and pronounced it the best strawberry he had ever tasted. If he had been preoccupied with the rocks below (the future) or with the tiger above (the past), he could have missed the strawberry that God was giving him in the present moment.”

Enjoy the strawberries.