Kindness Matters

Did you ever wonder if your kindness matters? It can and it does. My friends, church family and relatives have been so kind to me during this time. My friend Stephanie  came and prepared a roast for my family, put it in my oven so the house smelled wonderful when the kids came home from school. Melissa matched a full basket of socks. We all gasped! That doesn’t always happen.

So many people sent cards, gave, sent text and prayers and it all has meant the world to us. Whether we know you well or not your kindness has mattered. This time has shown me how to care for others and that our friends are more generous than we deserve. In this post, I want to gently remind you to have courage and be kind to those around you. It matters more than you know.

I want to thank you for your prayers. Last update I asked you to pray for me because my white blood cells were very low. I was going to have to have a steroid shot to boost them. I wasn’t able to get the shot due to circumstances and this visit my blood counts were up significantly. I know that is the power of prayer at work. Our kids are also doing well I know is an answer to prayer as well.

We are so grateful for your support and prayers. Here is how you can be praying for us:

  1. My blood counts continue to stay high.
  2. That my kids maintain their health.
  3. Daily grace.
  4. That I would see a decrease in my nausea.
  5. That God would be glorified in our family through this trial.

Thanks so much and Happy New Year.
Sandra Luce

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