3 Reason why your Kids ministry needs a YouTube Channel.

After a couple of years of discussion we launched a YouTube channel for our kids ministry and I think you should do it too.

Kids and young adults age 13-24 are consuming less hours of traditional TV broadcast content, and watching more online content, from sites like YouTube. In fact, 96% of that age group consume online video via social media sites for an average of 11 hours per week. In contrast, only 81% of 13-24 year olds tune into the TV to watch scheduled programmes, and then only for around 8 hours per week. (http://www.reelseo.com/13-24-watching-more-youtube-than-tv/)

The stats are showing a growing trend in teens and kids in the consumption of online media. Kids are moving away from TV as an entertainment device and using it for content delivery instead. They are watching YouTube far more than they are watching TV. How do we know this? YouTube put out a Kids App this year aimed at being more kid friendly. Why did they do that? Internal demographics show the growth of YouTube superstars are appealing to kids younger and younger.

What does this mean for us in ministering to kids? Don’t try to get them to come to your site go to where they are. 

Why your kids ministry needs a YouTube Channel.

1. The first reason why you should have a YouTube channel for your kids is they are already there.

2. They watch TV shows once or twice they watch (and share) YouTube video’s over and over.

3. You can train (we are going to be putting up dance team videos for our kids), entertain, and provide content that your kids can watch, share and even create.

So have I sold you yet? I hope so. The other side benefit to making a killer YouTube channel for your kids at your church is that it inspires and equips other kids ministries to do similar things or use videos you have made straight up. Make great stuff then share great stuff.

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3 thoughts on “3 Reason why your Kids ministry needs a YouTube Channel.

  1. I think this is a great idea! The challenge is producing content that is quality
    and more so uploading content consistently!

    Great to see you guys producing some quality stuff! Looks awesome!

    • Thanks John. I would add that the production value of your videos isn’t as important to your kids as the personal value. Seeing themselves or leaders they know on their YouTube is always amazing. Do the best you can do your kids will love it. Production value matters, relational value matters more.