Authenticity, Intimacy and Holy Spirit Activity

This is my second year a The Gathering. I will be blogging the conference as it happens so be sure to tune in for man session breakdowns, interviews and giveaways. As kids and family ministry leaders are converging in beautiful Southern California my thoughts go back to last year. I had never been to a Tru Gathering before last year.

I really enjoyed being apart of the conference for the following reasons.

1. The sense of authenticity. The problem with authenticity is either you have it or you don’t. Trying to be authentic is well…..unauthentic. The Gathering is authentic. That stems from Michelle Anthony’s lead. Her heart and passion are real and tangibly felt through every aspect of the conference.

2. The sensitivity to the Holy Spirit – There were a few moments last year that you could sense the person of Holy Spirit in the room. As those who lead in churches we need more of the spirit’s involvement in everything we do.

3. The size – Although they have grown to two National conferences and several regional conference you feel like you are in a living room with a bunch of friends.

There are many other things but looking back a year later those were the things that stood out the most in my mind 365 days after they happened. I am back and very much looking forward to the authentic, spirit infused spaces the Tru Ministry team has carved out for so many this weekend. I hope to see you there this week. If you aren’t coming please keep those who are in prayer that they will leave filled with the fullness of Christ.

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