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top 50 family ministry Blog

Family ministry has been a priority for churches since the 80’s but in the past 15 years there has been a new push for youth and kids ministries to be working together in sync with each other in a way that produces a cohesive strategy to equip and empower families like never before. When I started blogging 7 years ago there were only a handful of children’s pastors blogging. There were also a few youth pastor blogs as well. The desire I had for my blog at the beginning was to be to someone else what I wish I had when I started.

In the past 5 years there has been a huge shift toward staffing family ministry positions. That title means something different for each person using it for us here it refers to a single staff member responsible for all programing from birth through college. While there are not a ton of family ministry specific blogs out there yet, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the best of both the youth and children’s ministry blogosphere.

What I have done is compile a list of the Top 50 Family Ministry Blogs. While they may not all be written by someone in a family ministry position seeing a list of some of the best Kids and Youth ministry blogs out there will help anyone in the position of leading both ministries. This list is by no means comprehensive I realize that in the hours I took to create this list I may have missed a blog. Please forgive me and please let everyone know in the comment section.

I judged each blog by the following:

1. Alexia Rank – I found this through alexia’s site.

2. Social Media Shares of the Home page – With the demise of Google reader we lost the loyalty metric that the Google readership subscription provided. There is no much out there to duplicate that. In my research I found the site which give the amount of shares via social media a particular page has received. As a way of trying to gauge loyalty I used the home page of everyone’s blog.

3. Open Site Explorer Homepage Root Domain Links and Open Site Explorer Total incoming Links help show how far of a reach a blog has. How many people look to a particular blog as having authority on any given subject. The more links back to the blog the more people are referring to the content within the blog.

RankName of BloggerAlexa RankDomain AuthorityTotal incoming LinksSocial Media Shares
1Tony Kumer852214788936561
2Fuller Youth Institute9426554549511824
3Adam Mclane547177403571851
4Walt Mueller2387590563573502
5Mary Kassian14305813830312049
6Christianity Cove246879362728268
7Joseph LaLonde3552603912358117
8Doug Fields15627473842271099
9Lindsey Whitney175906365742124
10Mark Oestreicher2645821396049299
12Adam Walker Cleaveland212503751266086
13Life in Student Minsitry1822896373917385
14Kenny Conley89964339317179
15Greg Stier27865583415931108
16Dave Miers530045321862184
17Youth Specialties54626959310573
18Jonathan McKee3178063336688634
19Greg Baird2783132341748179
20Youth Ministry 3607681693798079
21Orange Leaders121292838119562
22Terrace Crawford806876631421412
23Josh Griffin1675473770665
24Jim WidemanNA92286663
25Jonathan Cliff4791436343677163
26Benjamin Kerns256191736210167
27Jeffrey Reed3512476541
28Wendy Douglas96297179248838
29Keith Tusing427976133835440
30Dale Hudson1063570301012158
31Matt McKee410616739135856
32Christine Yount Jones4773574776112
33Rethinking Youth Ministry386730234166240
34Karl BastianNA335005157
35Jeremy Zach836543531248394
36Amy DolanNA331091134
37Kurt Johnston4027755339821
38Brian Dollar494290925454391
39Kenda Creasy DeanNA30417123
40JC Thompson17463563151620
41Jake BoumaNA29176469
42Youth Blog400668834145614
43Wayne Stocks256028828121114
44Dave Wakerley364197631172233
45The Youth Cartel1722835365577
46Lynda Freeman41409362491681
47Elle Campbell37974722439758
48Michael BayneNA2640347
49Gina McClainNA30101847
50Heidi Hensley130818631932094

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