How to export highlights from your Kindle.

kindle_2366549b I love to read but one of the things that kept me from reading books on a kindle was I could not export my favorite quotes from a book I was reading. I could only share those quotes on social media. So for a while I shied away from kindle and chose to real paper read books. I would highlight the book then go back and type all the highlights by hand, a tedious task for sure.

I then discovered  If you have a kindle account you simply log in and see all the books you have highlighted. Starting with the most recent book you highlighted. Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.54.15 PMIf you would like to transfer those quotes from what you are reading you can copy and paste or to hasten the process you can use evernote web clipper and clip all the notes at once. I use evernote to store my quotes because of its robust searching technology. Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.59.51 PM Most people don’t even know this page exists. So for the sake of clarity let me sum up the steps you need to take to export your kindle highlights. 1. Create a kindle username and password. 2. Install evernote web clipper. – 3. Click on the following link Click on the find books link. Narrow down the books you want to copy the quotes from. 5. Once you have the book you want to extract the quotes from click on evernote web clipper and assign the notes to your evernote based on what file system you have within evernote. 6. Your highlights should not be in evernote and completely searchable. 7. You will also be able to use you highlights by simply copy and pasting out of evernote into wherever you wish.

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