Free Bible Lesson Habakkuk: Trust in the Lord


– Trust in God
When we know that He loves us we can always trust Him!

Key Point – When we know that He loves us we can always trust Him!
Memory Verse – Proverbs 3:5 “Trust the Lord with all your heart, and don’t depend on your own understanding.” (NCV)

Skit – Have a bunch of different people sitting around explaining in what they put their trust some it is money, some it its friends, but they are challenged by a Christian to put their trust in God. They explain that they can see friends and money can not see God how can you trust in something you can’t see. The Christian explains that you can’t see air but we still breathe you can’t see your brain but you still can think. You need to learn how trust God. The people who trusted in money and friends ask how to trust God. The Christian explains that when we trust someone or something we give them everything.

Skit – Not so bright – how do I trust God when I don’t see him. Sort of like Air it is all around us even though we don’t see it. – God shows us that he loves and cares for us we may not see God here on earth but we can see what he has done in people’s lives.

Object lesson – Sitting on a chair – How many people inspect every chair that you sit in to make sure that it will hold you up? Not to many I just trust that this chair will hold me up. I trust that it is strong enough that it is made well enough that it will not collapse. The same way I don’t ever worry about falling when I sit down we need to trust God for everything knowing that he cares for us more than we will ever know.

Object lesson – Our money says in God we trust – Pull out a dollar or a quarter and explain that people who trusted God founded our country. They came here so that they could worship God freely without being persecuted. They were so happy that they could worship God freely that they put on their money the very thing that most people trust in they put in GOD we trust. We need to be just like that we need to trust God over toys, fun, and friends. God is the best.

Puppet – Puppet wants to know how He can know that he is trusting the Lord with all his heart – MC explains that the Bible tells us that if we trust in the Lord with all our lean not to our own understanding God will direct our paths. God will guide you when you trust Him. God also put people who represent him like our parents our pastors these people help us trust God when we listen to them and obey them God is pleased.

Bible Story – 1 Kings17:8-16 Widow who gave her last meal to Elijah because she trusted God.

Habakkuk Small Group

Bible Story: I Kings 17:8-16
There had been no rain in the land and people were starving. Elijah was a prophet of the Lord and was directed to go to Zarephath. There was a widow who was gathering sticks at the gate. Elijah asked her for some water along with bread. The widow said that she only had enough flour and oil for her son and her. Elijah told her if she did as he asked she would never run out of flour or oil. The widow did as she was asked; she trusted in the Lord. He blessed her as promised.

What is trust?
What do you trust? Why?
Who do you trust? Why?
How can we trust a god we cannot see?
Do we have to learn how to trust God?
Why is the phrase In God we trust on our money?
Can we trust God?
Who is Elijah?
What did He ask the widow to do?
Did she do it?
Why didn’t the flour and oil run out?
Did the widow have faith in the Lord? How do you know this?
What will happen to us if we place our trust in the Lord?
What does the memory verse mean? How can we do this?
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