How Can we make Jesus famous?

Jesus doesn’t need our help, he’s pretty famous. He needs humble servants to live in a way that makes famous people want what they can’t have. We need to lose ourselves in spreading His fame not obsessing over how our fame can help Him out. Through our desire for personal fame we have made Jesus infamous to a watching world.

There are some I deeply respect who use the term “making Jesus famous”, but what you mean by what you say makes all the difference. The goal of their lives is not personal fame but to live for the glory of God. Whenever we think that the bigger deal we become that somehow Jesus is made great because of that we begin walking on stormy water. Our goal is life is to live for HIS pleasure not to use Him for ours. Whenever I am tempted to believe my bio and that somehow me speaking to masses of people matters more than it should, I remember that my life is to be spent by His choosing, not mine. Striving to be the next big thing doesn’t glorify God and it doesn’t make him famous, humble servants who find their satisfaction in Christ alone make Jesus famous.


1 Corinthians 11:1 Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.


Youth pastors and kids pastors want to make Jesus famous?
– Serve your pastor
– Serve the families in your church
– Serve your family
– Listen more than you speak
– Pray more than you preach
– Leverage your influence to help those who can’t help themselves

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