Asking the right questions

The most important thing we can do as a leader is ask the right questions of ourself and others.

When we don’t ask the right questions we get wrong information. When we don’t ask the right people questions we get wrong information. When we don’t ask ourselves the right questions we live in self deception.

Questions I am asking myself

1. What story am I writing for myself and my family?
2. In any area God gives me influence what am I going to say?
3. Am I treasuring Christ?
4. Am I living my life free from regret of the past and fear of the future but fully dependent on Christ?
5. What am I doing that if God doesn’t show up I’ll be in trouble.

Questions we need to ask as leaders few people are asking.

1. How are we going to communicate the Gospel to kids?
2. What do we want our kids, teens and adults to become?
3. What will my decisions as a leader look like in 10 years?
4. In a curriculum climate that largely leaves out the Holy Spirit, how am I going to intentionally add the truth of who the Holy Spirit is in a biblically accurate way.
5. When I leave the area of ministry I am currently serving what deposit will I leave? What will remain what we be lost after I am gone.
6. Am I building on my personality and preferences or am I building on Christ and his work that will remain?

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