Free Curriculum for Easter: God to the Rescue

I’ve shared here and here about the how and why leading up to the creation of a free resource for the kidmin community by the kidmin community. We are really excited to be able to offer it for free on our blogs.

What we did was create a 5 week curriculum that unveils God’s rescue plan unveiled in the Old Testament and seen in action in the days leading up to Good friday and Easter. I love how the clear emphasis is on Christ and what he did and what we can do in response.

The format of the curriculum is pretty basic.

-Icebreaker – K-2nd Grad and 3rd – 5th Grade
Video Skit
– Bible Story
Video Skit
– Application Small groups – K-2nd Grad and 3rd – 5th Grade

Also included are Family connection pieces. The Art and video elements will be available very soon.

What I loved most about this project is that it was a team effort put together though collaboration with 4 very different churches with very similar passions. Elevate christ,communicate the gospel in a clear compelling way to kids, give the parents tools to reinforce and rehearse the gospel with their kids.

I respect the heck out of each of  the people involved. Love their passion and their heart. Each one of them will further break down what we did make sure you read their posts because in my opinion why we did what we did is really more important that what we did. At the end of each of our posts is a short form for you to fill out once you submit it you will receive a link for the content.

Jonathan Cliff – Small Groups – God to the Rescue Release Party

Gina McClain – Parent Take Homes -Engaging parents on the Journey

Dan Scott – Large Groups – Easter Curriculum: God to the Rescue

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