Get a free iPhone, iPad app for your ministry.

My friend Matt McKee just announced something incredible. It’s called 1000 apps for Christmas. His company, ROAR, is offering 1000 free apps in the next 30 days. Our Church bought one almost 2 years ago in that time we have had 4,000 downloads. I was blown away by the reach our little app is having. We use it to deliver content and as a digital forum for prayer requests. I Love the flexibility we have to make the app our own we make tons of changes to our app and don’t need to resubmit those changes to apple because we do it thought the back-end CMS that ROAR provides. Roar is a great company they build quality apps that are fast, stable and current technology. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting an app for that ministry or program… now’s the time!

Click here to get your app!

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