Retro Post: You'll always get a zit on important days.


You’ll always get a zit on important days.
Amanda, age 14

Everything is timing.

I have a friend that is an early zit popper. Every time they get a zit on an important day they try to pop the zit. The end result is the zit remains unpopped and their whole face turns red because of their repeated efforts to pop the pesky perpetrator.

What you do on unimportant days determines what you do on important days.

How do you keep from getting a zit on important days?

1. Prevention – an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The best way to keep you ministry from a breakdown on sunday is prevention. Ask God to help you see pitfalls before they come. Always be looking forward learning from mistakes and preparing for change.

2. Patience – I have found change, vision, all things leadership come down to timing. To often we hear from God and go do instead of asking when. Knowing when to pop a zit is almost as valuable as how to prevent them.

3. Persistence – It is far easier to criticize something than to do something to change that something. I learned in college how easy it was to judge. I learned after college how hard it is to lead something. I have looked over the edge many times thinking “It would be far easier to quit” and many times it would be. To make it in ministry and especially children’s ministry you must learn the fine art of pushing on when no one but God sees. You need to know when to persist.

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