Happy Birthday Baby!

Today my beautiful bride turns — ! When I think of my wife I am there are so many things that flood my mind. I love that she is Italian, she’s an amazing cook. She is a great homemaker and creates an amazing environment for our family to grow in. My wife is an amazing mother. I love that we share the same values in life. I love that she helps me know when I am misplaceing my priorities. I love that she is happy for me when I do well and there for me when I fail. I love that we see eye to eye when it comes to raising our kids, we have our disagreements but how to raise our kids isn’t one of those. She is an amazing partner in ministry, part of the reason I can even have my little blog is that she allows me to write late at night (so I can keep up with my day job), and never gives me a hard time about it.

She is more beautiful today than the first day I saw her and was smitten. I know for a fact I would not be were I am or half of who I am if it wasn’t for my wife being who she is in my life. I am blessed to have a women like her to grow old with. Which we are doing quite nicely by the way.

Love you Babe.

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