Random Rules for Ideas.

Seth Godin has an amazing blog and is an amazing thinker. I came across a post of his that I thought would really help. I know I have a bunch of ideas every day and from talking to many of you out there I know many of you do to.

Ideas have to be nurtured. You need to give them space and take action and never be afraid that an idea will flop because many will. But if you never take actionable steps toward your idea you will never develop your idea-o-meter. What is an idea-o-meter – it’s the ability to instinctively judge between good and bad ideas.

Here are some random rules from Seth’s blog make sure you check out the whole post.

  • Spamming strangers doesn’t work. Spamming friends doesn’t work so well either, but it’s certainly better than spamming strangers.
  • Don’t poll your friends. It’s your art, not an election.
  • The hard part is finishing, so enjoy the starting part.
  • Seek out apostles, not partners. People who benefit from spreading your idea, not people who need to own it.
  • Surround yourself with encouraging voices and incisive critics. It’s okay if they’re not the same people. Ignore both camps on occasion.
  • You can name your idea anything you like, but a google-friendly name is always better than one that isn’t.
  • Don’t plan on appearing on a reality show as the best way to launch your idea.

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