Kidmin road trip overview Part 2

Thursday – Friday (Infuse Retreat with Jim Wideman)
  • Catching up with and hearing what God has been doing in the lives of other kidmin leaders from around the country. (Eating southern breakfast at Loveless Cafe – always an experience)
  • Car conversations to the breakfast –  To breakfast: Figuring ways to connect kids and help kids keep their faith when they go to college. From breakfast – How to include college age kids in our ministries helping them to have their needs met at the same time  giving them a place of significant ministry.
  • Connecting with Cory Richmond CEO of Momentum Media – Great guy crazy outside the box thinker. If you have any graphic needs get ahold of him.
  • Networking with, praying for other children’s ministry folks.
  • Touring World Outreach Church’s new space –
You can tell what a church values by how they build their church
What WOC values in my opinion by their building
  1. Community/Relationships
  2. Family
  3. Outreach
  • Listening to Brother Jim talk about Dreaming Impossible Dreams –
[Biggest take away for me from this infuse trip is that God has bigger things for me than I realize. We all seem to under estimate and over compensate. I need to dream bigger and pray harder. I need to see beyond the day to day and even year to year. I need to see what God has for me 10 years from now and start taking practical steps to get there today.
I need to not let the details (noise) of my life drown out the still small voice of God.]

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2 thoughts on “Kidmin road trip overview Part 2

  1. I love the Loveless! They have amazing food. They are supposed to be opening another Loveless Cafe in downtown Nashville sometime soon, which will hopefully reduce the wait time at the original Loveless on Hwy 100.