Google Wave: Kidmin Style

Well So far there are about 25 kids people that I know of on Google Wave and I would like to see a lot more so I am doing a Give Away Tuesday on a Monday. I will give 10 Google nomination to 10 random kidmin people who leave a comment.

Collaboration in ministry is important for you and your team. Start today join the wave.

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22 thoughts on “Google Wave: Kidmin Style”

  1. Sounds like kidmin waves are increasing and I’d love to be part of the movement. Please add my name to your “fishbowl” of names. Thanks!

  2. I’d love an invite to wave! It would be great for my volunteer staff to be able to work together and plan without being in the same location at the same time!

  3. You can remove my name from the hat… just got an invite from a friend. I’ll look forward to seeing #kidmin folks on the wave!

  4. It looks cool… I’d love an invite. I’m slow on the uptake to all the great #KidMin stuff out there, so this might propel me to the NOW!

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