Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-04

  • On my way to a meeting listening to some killer punk! #fb #
  • Trying to catch up on my backlog of unread blog posts in my google reader. #
  • Great service at our Albany campus. Now awaiting a @starbucks doubleshot. #
  • 20 kids recived Christ this morning in our Utica campus! Great job @cultivatinghome. Blessed to have such an awesome #kidmin team #252basics #
  • My two year old wouldn't eat his pasta made by my Italian inlaws then when outside ate a few handfulls of dirt. He said tasted good. #
  • Does it make me a design geek that I notice redesigned logos of companies? Or am I just observant? #
  • Free iPhone #squarespace #
  • Does faith supplement our knowledge or does our knowledge supplement our faith? #
  • True Fear has be two things: 1. Power 2. Present #
  • RT @mattmckee: talking to @kennyconley on the phone. he is a stud. #kidmin /// He prefers stud muffin. 😉 #
  • I just taught my 4 yro how to play marbles with the very marbles I used as an 8 yro to dominate the playground. Ah the circle of life. #
  • RT @jonathancliff: Go ahead & stroke my small, tiny, little ego at & vote 4 JC #kidmin //Thought everything in TX was Big. #
  • Out on a hot date with my wife. Playing a fun game counting gapes, gawks, and stares at my wifes pregnate belly. So far 2 gapes and 1 gawk #
  • So we ended the night with 4 gawks 5 gapes and 2 wow when are you dues. #
  • So thankful tweetie is fixed and I am done with another wedding video! #
  • RT @rachelashipman: loves that I'm married to Canadian! Happy Canada day, @mikeshipman!/// I'll second that one. #
  • Packing. Leaving for Nashville later tonight. #fb #
  • RT @StevenPatton: wonder how long untill the "Michael faked his death. talk will begin…/// headed to Nashville wondering the same thing. #
  • Heading to our infuse retreat w/ @jimwideman excited to meet some great #kidmin peeps. Nervous because I forgot my blue swade shoes. #
  • Just landed in Charlotte. Populated by jobless overtaxed former NYers. Thanks Cuomo, Pataki and Patterson! #fb #
  • Great book! #
  • Just lost a blog post that took me 45min to write. Nice. #
  • Did some 6:30am parenting over the phone. Was up way to late. #
  • I am so in the south right now. #
  • Grits baby. #
  • Leaders need a stop doing list. What would be on your list? #kidmin #
  • Talking with some great #kidmin pastors about how to get kids to love their bibles. #
  • Listening to @jimwideman talk about change. Good stuff. #
  • We love "same" when we don't institute the "change". @jimwideman #kidmin #
  • Change without knowing why is frustrating. @jimwideman #kidmin #
  • The more children you and your wife have the more you know what to pray for. @jimwideman #kidmin #
  • Most churches don't grow because they are organizationally unclear. @jimwideman #kidmin #church #
  • RT @amyululani: #followfriday peeps: @Rick_Smith @JesusNeedsNewPR @chalenejohnson @OHatDL @LaughItOff @DoneDieting @samluce @spencerclick #
  • Kicking it with my fellow infuse peeps. Good people. #kidmin #
  • Heading to the Airport with @kennyconley hoping for a early flight flying standby. #
  • I miss my wife and kids like crazy! #fb #

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