Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-20

  • Just reserved my name specific URL in facebook. Here is basic info about it. #
  • Free Book: Less Clutter. Less Noise by Kem Meyer #kidmin #cmconnect/// Picking a winner 6/15/2009 #
  • Picking up some Tai food on @Daughtry recomendation. #
  • My fortune cookie said "Society prepares the crime; the criminal commits it." Very weird. #
  • Back in uptown after being gone for 2 weeks. Sweet Barbra I missed everyone. #
  • Hoping and dreaming of a new iPhone #squarespace #
  • Have you tweeted #squarespace today? #
  • RT @danscott77: working on August 252 small group curriculum…. #kidmin – LOVE getting ahead!! #cmconnect ///// Ditto #
  • Lots of small stuff to do around the house plus need to do lots of video editing. Should be a full day. Gotta love days off. #
  • Still hoping to win the iPhone from #squarespace #
  • Make sure you check out the great sites made via #squarespace. #
  • Using twitterfon for a bit cause tweetie is busted. I miss how fast tweetie loads. #
  • I just made a sandwitch waiting for twitterfon to load. So so sloooooow. Tweetie update come quickly. #
  • Quiet day on the #kidmin hashtag. Is it busy kids pastors or somehow connected to the Twitpoclopyse? #
  • So much for twitter being narcissistic. #
  • Sitting in staff meeting starting to have separation issues on my second day without my laptop. #
  • FreePhone please! #squarespace #
  • iphone uphone we all phone for iphone #squarespace #
  • Getting ready to head home. Just completed an old school work day with no computer. Weird. Can't wait to get my mac back. #fb #
  • Just Downloaded the new Tweetdeck for iPhone app. So far so good. Goodbye twitterfon! #
  • So far like iPhone tweetdeck as much ad tweetie and that's saying something. #
  • Bad time for tweetie to still have a broken seach feature. Really really like tweetdeck for iPhone. Tweetie #fail #
  • Going to bed and will be dreaming of 3.0 #
  • What is one topic that you wish would get talked about at a #kidmin conference that never seems to get talked about? #
  • A little FYI if your profile picture is a pile of money. Please do not follow me and make me waste my time blocking you #
  • Taking @mikeservello to the airport. Listening to some @andystanley. #
  • Up early today. They say the early bird gets a worm. I'd settle for an iphone. #squarespace #
  • 12 minutes to iPhone 3.0 #fb #squarespace #
  • Right Now liking tweetdeck for iPhone. Also like skype, things, and evernote. #
  • The perfect follow up to iPhone 3.0 yesterday would be iPhone Free.0 today! #squarespace #
  • I think right now i pretty much HATE WP 2.8 so stinking funky right now. I am paying the price of early adoption. #
  • Free iPhone on iPhone 3Gs release day. #squarespace #
  • Slept 10 hrs. Last night. Crazy. #

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