#101 Stuff Kids Pastors Like

I met John Acuff at Orange He has one of the funniest blogs I have read in a long time “Stuff Christians Like”. He is a boy genius. It got me thinking if there are stuff christians like than what about children’s workers we have to like stuff to? So here is my first attempt at a new segment.

Anything with the letter Z.

I am not sure what it is or why but I think kids pastors have officially killed the letter Z.

I am not sure exactly when or where I was when I had the realization that “Holy Crap kidz pasterz love the letter z!”

You know you have done it. You go to buy a url you look up kidschurchrocks.com (taken) then you type kidschurchrules.org (take). Then you think wait a minute…… lets try kidzchurchrulez.com (FREE). How do i know? Did i mention my yahoo address [email protected] That’s right I too am a recovering over Z user.

I can’t think of another industry that abuses a single letter of the alphabet the way kidz pastorz abouse the letter z.

You may be saying to your self. Help me I can’t stop it i find the letter Z fun, entertaining, cute, relevant. I want to help

Here is where I can help. You might be saying wow I really need to change the name of my kidz church or in my case my email. I have put together a tool you can uze to change the name of your kidz church. There will be two lists of words pick any one word from on list match it with a word from the second list and voila you have a new name.

List 1                                  List 2

Happy                                  Zone
The O

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18 thoughts on “#101 Stuff Kids Pastors Like

  1. I have made a short career out of dropping the “z” from all things Children’s(z) Ministry!

    I haven some ideas bouncing around in my head for you to continue it…

  2. Awesome! Laughing my face off. I’ve never abused the Z or the k. However, when I was a kid I attended Kingdom Kids Camp. I remember telling my Children’s Pastor that I thought we should call it Kingdom Kids Kamp. He never agreed. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized why a camp called Kingdom Kids Kamp located in South Georgia (or any other place) would not be a good idea.

  3. Jonathan,

    I would love to hear more about what is in your head…


    Funny story my inlaws gave my son a educational toy that does the alphabet song. It is from Canada so it ends with Zed. I only let them play with it when I am around so I can correct the Zed to Zee. I have no hate of Zed just trying to prevent future wedgies.


    Z is awesome

  4. I am just wondering the name “Supper Zone” would be for the Kids Ministry or have more to do with feeding the homeless.

  5. Brandon,

    Fair question – I have found as long as Zone can be found in the name whatever is connected to it is irrelevant. Could be zone zone.



  6. Kidz pastorz are not the only guilty partiez here. Preteen and youth peeps seem equally infatuated with the letter “X”, especially if you remove the “e” in front of it. And the “X” must always, always, be capitalized. It’s an Xtreme Xciting Xperience!

  7. LOL. I needed that laugh. Though I’ve fallen victim to many kids ministry blunders, the ‘z’ factor was never really a temptation for me.

    Can I suggest your next topic? The overuse of kid style fonts. Communications written in ‘Kristin ITC’ make me want to take a dull butter knife to my wrists.

  8. Kristin, Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of Delta Team 1 (AKA Infuse Group 1).

    Donald Xcellent point. You are on to something. The youth set LOVES X’s. If I see another youth poster with Xtreme on in my head is going to literally explode. X is definitely the Z of youth culture. My best guess is that it is a hold out from Gen X stuff and X games.

    Great comment.


    Glad I could brighten your day. 🙂 I am going to have to do a post on fonts you are so right Kids Pastors abuse fonts all the time. Dare we say Comic Sans? Definitely is stuff kids pastors like.

  9. Mr Luce

    A new segment hey?

    101 things hey?

    Are you like me when you think of an idea you put a number too it even though you only have a few up your sleeve and hope to God he gives you the rest?

    Ha, your laughing now!

    Great postz.

    Have Funz


  10. FMD,

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t know who knows maybe it will be great maybe it will bomb but looking forward to it none the less.

    I started with 101 instead of 1 hoping 101 would give me more street cred.

    Glad you liked it.