Politics and Religion?


I think we have all heard the conventional wisdom. Never talk about politics or religion at a dinner party. Well I laugh in the face of conventional wisdom. I thought in-light of the coming election and the fact Debate round two is tonight I would touch on politics and religion this week.

I would like to first state this disclaimer. I am a registered Independent. I have voted for people from all different political parties. I believe God is neither a Republican or a Democrat He is on his own side. I believe that both parties at times get on God’s side of the street and at other times are no where to be found.

Here is my 10 Commandments of every voter

2. Thou Shalt not endorse a candidate at church.
3. Thou Shalt wait for each candidate to make a Gaff and enjoy it.
4. Remember the day to vote and keep it holy.
5. Trust not thy Politicians trust thy God.
6. Thou shalt keep thy political discourse holy
7. Thy saviour came not for political revolution but a revolution of the heart
8. WWJVF (Who would Jesus Vote For)
9. Encourage thy neighbor to vote
10. Give thanks to the Lord you live in a country where you can vote and worship freely.

6 comments On Politics and Religion?

  • #11. If you wife is going to vote different from you, then both of you don’t need to vote because you would just cancel each other out anyways…(maybe?)

  • Never thought of that. Lucky for me my wife is a foreigner and can’t vote. However if I do vote for McCain the Whole state of New York would cancel my vote and if I vote for Obama everyone else is so why do they need me. Oh to be a swing state voter for one election.

    I guess you’re right I will stay home Nov. 4th.

  • Yeah, it’s rough being a Republican in Illinois (Obama’s home state) makes voting almost pointless, but as Rick Warren said, “If you don’t vote, get a new country – too many have given their lives to protect that right.” So I have a yard sign and will vote even though I know it will make no difference in my state.

  • Karl,

    I tottaly agree. I always vote far to many Americans have paid the ultimate price!

  • …but even if your candidate doesn’t win, your vote is still registered, and your opinion is still counted. So don’t ever “stay home” get out and vote. It’s important – for many many reasons!

  • Paula,

    Your objection is noted. I was actually joking, tongue and cheek with Jonathan. I would never stay home. It is to important. Thanks for reading.

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