Sarah Palin, please be who you say you are.

Sarah-Palin_speachSaw Sarah Palin’s speech last night. I haven’t heard a politician say what she said and in the way she said it since Reagan. My two favorite presidents by far are Lincoln and Reagan, but as Sarah was speaking last night I feel like she is going to be something special.

I have become jaded by many politicians from both parties caring more about their own interests and holding on to power. It is a literal breath of fresh air to hear someone talk about how the purpose of being elected to any position is to serve and represent the great people of our republic.

So having said all that, as one jaded independent voter I am saying “Sarah Palin, please be who you say you are!”

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  • I agree completely with you. She seems great and She Def better be who she says she is !!!!!!

  • After seeing your commercial on T.V., I came to the web site. I am a Christian who has been looking for a good church for me and my kids (ages 6, 12 and 14). I became very excited when I saw the commercial.

    However, after reading your blog about Sara Palin, we will not be trying out your church. Politics are a very contraversial subject and not one that should be discussed on a church web site, in my opinion.

  • I guess the lady above forgot to read the brief disclamer

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