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You need to start with the end in mind. What is the goal of a successful children’s ministry?

I have had a few conversations with children’s pastors who seemed happy that kids don’t want to leave their ministry. To me that is very self serving and unnatural. I believe a successful children’s ministry works hand in hand with the youth ministry.

What success looks like to me.

1. How well do kids transition to the youth ministry
2. Are we preaching the same values the youth department is.
3. What is my relationship with youth pastor like?
4. Am I genuinely happy when the youth ministry is successful?
5. Are there places where young people can be involved in ministry?
6. Am I helping the Youth Pastor develop leaders through their ministry involvement.

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  • I agree with what you are saying about Youth Ministry and Children’s Ministry working together. We had issues with this to start with as I had been the youth ministry leader and then took over childrens and steped out of Youth and the youth leader was threatend by me. Now we have worked out our differences we have been able to involved Youth as leaders in the Children’s Ministry and I am able to support our Youth Ministry Leader.

    I think now I get just as excited about what is happening in youth as the youth leaders. Are we not meant to be Community this then would mean that we would work together

  • As a student I learned more by working in children’s ministry than by sitting in front of a youth pastor. It can be the subtle bigotry of low expectations to think that students CANNOT use their gifts early. Youth Pastors should be overjoyed at students who learn by doing as opposed to learning by sitting.

  • Great post Sam! We have to have the types of ministries where we are sending our kids up to student ministries that are ready for them and transitions are smooth yet they aren’t intimidated by these students then turning around and serving in the children’s ministry. It’s going to be beautiful when more and more churches catch on to this.

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