Themed Environment continued: Jonathan Martin Creative

The next company that is working on our children’s wing is Jonathan Martin Creative.

They truly are creative. I have only talked to Jonathan Martin a couple of times but I have been very impressed by his creative ideas. He really is good at what he does. I am very excited to see how he and his team bring to life in our church the plans he has drawn out.

I talked with Rachel from Jonathan Martin Creative today and we are definitely still on for a start date of the second week of April and finish date the first few days of May. I really can’t believe it. It has been almost two years since we began this process.

I would highly Jonathan Martin. They have been fantastic throughout the process. One of the reasons that we went with Jonathan Martin was the style in which they do cityscapes. I really feel that the end product will be something that will stand the test of time that kids from 2 to 102 will be blown away. But the thing that really gets me going is praying for and believing for all the lives that are going to be transformed. I know God is going to do huge things.

It is going to be so great to see the faces of the kids when they see the finished product for the first time.

I can’t wait for april. Here are some of the initial renderings from Jonathan Martin.

MtZion 6b

Mt. Zion - small hall

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  • I saw one of their first projects about 5 years ago in Broken Arrow, OK. It was for Grace Fellowship. They called it the Grace Place. I was overwhelmed… it was so beautiful. It was like a 1940’s… international… city scape. It was unbelievable. I love what Bruce Berry does, but it can come across looking too childish or start to look dated after several years. What I loved about JMC was that they seemed to have environments that would “stand the test of time” as you said before.

    I’m anxious to see how it all ends up. So are you using multiple firms? I know you mentioned Worlds of Wow and now JMC. Who are you actually using to design and build?

  • Kenny,

    The guys at JMC are awesome. They are doing the design and install. Worlds of Wow are doing our playstructure.

    I am very excited I will definitely do a before and after photos or video.

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