caiaphasI read this in my devotional yesterday it really spoke to me.

The Careful Choice

A terrible thing has happened to Caiaphas. Religion has left the realm of respect for person, immediate concern for the individual, for communion. For Caiaphas, sacredness has become institutions, structures, abstractions. Caiaphas is dedicated to the “people.” Therefore, individual, flesh-and-blood men, real people are expendable. Caiaphas is dedicated to the “nataion.” But the nation does not bleed like Jesus. Caiaphas is dedicated to the “Temple,” a mere building, impersonal brick and mortar. Caiaphas becomes impersonal himself, no longer a warm human being but a robot, as fixed and rigid as his own unchanging world.

The choice usually presented to Christian is not between Jesus and Barabbas. No one wants to appear an obvious murderer. The choice we have to be careful about is between Jesus and Caiaphas. And Caiaphas can fool us. He is a very “religious” man.

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