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seinfeld.gifMy post yesterday got me thinking about Seinfeld, and why I love it so much. It has been almost 10 years since the last episode was written and I still laugh my head off every time. I sometimes wake my small children, I laugh so hard.

As I started thinking about what made Seinfeld great I started to realize that those things could translate to any team. If you are part of a marketing firm or if you on a children’s ministry team, I think the following things can be learned and applied.

What made Seinfeld great?

  1. Each character knew their part and played it well. [How well do you know the players on your team and are they playing their parts well.]
  2. The writers stuck with their simple approach “A Show About Nothing” [Are you willing to out of the box even though others may po-po you. That’s right I said po-po, a dangerous thing to do on a children’s pastor blog.]
  3. Each show about nothing (but really something) was understood and funny to normal people. [If your lessons don’t hit home with the youngest child in the room you have failed that day. How do I know? I have been there and done that. Jesus was the master at speaking in a way that translates across age, gender and cultural lines.]
  4. Each show was applicable to daily life. [Information with out application is an abomination.]

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