32, 4, and 6

We are in the midst of raising funds for our kids wing remodel. So we made a video to highlight the value of children’s ministry.

This powerful statistic comes from George Barna’s book “Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions”. I have quoted it below.

George Barna reported that “the greatest evangelistic window currently available is among young children.” According to the data gathered, children, ages 5 through 13 have a 32 % probability of coming to Christ while teenagers and adults have just a 4% and 6% probability respectively of doing so. Barna continued in the report to state “that if a person does not accept Christ as savior before the age of 14 the likelihood of ever doing so is slim.”

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10 thoughts on “32, 4, and 6

  1. Great video. I am going to make my whole leadership team watch it! Great encouragement for those of us who work with Children’s ministry.