I Hate Church Signs!

I hate church signs. What is the point. I think in everything we do we need to keep in mind who are we trying to reach. I would love to hear from someone who drove by a church sign that said “Tired of being a loser turn to God” and they said “yes I am a loser what must I do to be saved.” 

I think that most people in most churches want to reach people who don’t know God. Although some signs would lead you to believe different.

I believe church signs are for information not inflammation. They are not for cute sayings that make other Christians laugh and people who are not Christians YET angry.

 They are not for clever sayings to make us feel like we are fulfilling the great commission. I don’t understand why people do this? We are eternally offending the people God has called us to reach.

 This is like:

1. A McDonalds employee saying “Good morning fat slob, can I suggest you leave and go get something healthy but you can stay if you want.”

2. A Walmart employee saying “Good luck with all this cheap stuff, you must be poor and stupid.”

3. A computer salesman saying to a potential customer “(Laughing) Your looking for a what. You don’t even look could operate a calculator.”

  Churches put out signs like this and wonder why God isn’t sending people to their church, and why no one is getting saved.


Maybe because you are marketing yourself and you don’t even know it. Ask someone they will tell you “Oh, you go to the church with crazy sign.”

I don’t want to go to that church ever.  I want to go to one where life change happens. I want to where my kids will love church. I want to go to a church that says they care about people looking for God and actually do.

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