Never show your daughter physical affection.

If you want to ensure your kids will be on the “The Bachelor”
1. Never show your daughter physical affection.
2. Teach your kids that connections are more important than commitment.
3. Teach your kids there is no consequences for their behavior.
4. Give your kids whatever they want.
5. Teach your kids that their self-worth is tied to people’s acceptance of them.

One of the biggest problems in our country is fatherlessness. Now am I advocating that every girl that comes from a fatherless home will have problems in life? Absolutely not. What I am advocating is that as a father I want to do everything I can do to ensure that my baby girl grows up with a healthy view of men and woman.

As a father with your kids you have a very real and very sober responsibility to teach your kids what a real man is like. [Tweet “As a dad you are your sons first hero and your daughters first love.”] As a dad you are your sons first hero and your daughters first love. If you stop and think about it there is literally not a place in our culture that shows a positive view of men and especially fathers. Every example I can think of is stupid, dopey, irrelevant and aloof.

Men if you want to keep your daughter off of the show “The Bachelor” you need to show her physical affection, give her hugs, kiss her cheek, hold her hand. Show her what a date should look like. Open doors for her. Talk to her and more importantly listen to her.  If you don’t show her how a man is supposed to treat her it will create a void in her understanding of what a man is. A void some stupid kid will be more than happy to fill. The sad part is that without an intentional understanding of what a man should be she will be more likely to fall for whoever comes along.

When I watched “The Bachelor” I kept thinking how so many of those girls never had a strong father in their life. The result was they come on a show to find love. Crazy. 100% of them leave the show brokenhearted because they were never taught by a father that loves her to “Above all things guard her heart” and that [Tweet “Her value comes not from her external beauty but from the one whose love makes her beautiful.”] her value comes not from her external beauty but from the one whose love makes her beautiful.

Here is the first post talking about how to ensure your kids will end up on “The Bachelor” 

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  • You scared me with the title of this one. I thought that Sam Luce had lost it for sure. Great post.

    Matt N.

  • Awesome points!! I have been talking about these points for years to every father I know who has daughters. In my 3 sisters I have seen firsthand the results of an absent, aloof father. It really is horribly sad when I think of the women they could be if my dad had been a good, strong example of a Godly man.

  • Dads – wanna know how you're doing? Does your little girl seek out opportunities to be in physical contact with you? i.e. steadily tapping feet under the dinner table; reaching for your hand when walking through a parking lot; finger twisting your hair from behind the recliner? asking for piggy-backs? @ 60 pounds still trying to sit on or next to you in the same chair during family movie time? She wants to paint your toe-nails…let her! She wants a man who is man enough to be tender and laugh at himself. By the way, she is watching how I relate to her mom. Sam – thought the same thing when watching so many young women just seeking to be loved and cared for. So thankful God gave me one. Great post.

  • I totally agree. Wanting to show love and affection towards children is natural for both men and women. But the feminists would have everyone believe that any man who shows an interest in a child, or heaven forbid actually hugs and kisses one, must be a predator. If girls don't get enough affection from their dad, their lives could be ruined. Is that what the feminists want? Ironic, isn't it. Well, to he** with them. I'm going to do what I know is right with my kids.

  • I have an amazing dad – he was wonderful to myself and my two little sisters. He played with us, hugged us, taught us to throw a ball and drive a car and make a truly hideous mac and cheese dish. He started a church when I was 12 and my sisters were in grade school, and one week no one else showed up. So he took that time to share a message with us – that he loved us, that he wanted to guide and guard us,according to Scripture, and how we should look for husbands who would do the same for us and our future children. None of us ever forgot that message, and as we are all in our 30s now, we have married wonderful, caring men who are not only strong husbands but tender fathers. My husband has learned how to braid hair and make heart shaped toast for breakfast; my sister’s husband set aside his beloved video game system to watch music shows with his daughter; and my other brother in law took over laundry and dishes when my sister was pregnant again, despite his full time job, so his little son could see how a real man loves his wife. We are all blessed because my big tough navy guy dad took time to value his girls!

    • Thanks for sharing. You are blessed beyond what you know. So glad you and your kids have the heritage of of Father who fears The Lord.

  • Sam, you got me on the headline of your post. I Thought “Sam, I don’t think this is really what you beleive. I went to your post ans I agree 100%1 Give your daughter (s) a hug from us!

  • So true! So important for girls and boys to see examples! More is caught than taught – excellent as usual Mr Luce!!

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