Jesus is Everything!

Here is a guest blog post I did over at life way’s blog.

Do well meaning folks focus on the wrong things? I would say yes. I love Christmas not so much in the lights and decorate the tree way but more because it forces me to evaluate the things that matter most in my life. In the past few years it seems like the battle grounds have been drawn between the Happy Holiday Secularist and the Merry Christmas Christians. I have found my self getting caught up saying Merry Christmas in a very emphatic way to well meaning well wishers who wish me Happy Holidays.

This is the wrong battle. The biggest battle the church needs to wage is over a faith founded on Jesus alone and a faith that is founded in rules and traditions. Because the implications reach beyond Christmas, with an astounding number of our kids walking away from their faith we need to change something, we need to change everything. I grew up having my faith defined by what I did and didn’t do. I had many friends who grew up with me and when we hit college they walked away from their faith. While there is not one easy answer I have come to believe that one of the biggest reasons they walked away is because they were never taught a gospel centered faith.

This is not a new problem we see Paul address this very issue to the Galatians and the Philippians. We like being able to plainly define what pleases God and what does not. I am convinced now more than ever we need to teach kids that the Bible is not about laws to be followed or heroes to be emulated rather that the Bible is about Jesus Christ.

As children’s workers and parents I can think of no better time than Christmas, to elevate Christ and the rescue plan he has for us. I have taught kids many lessons over the years many of them talking about Jesus‘ birth, life, death and resurrection. We need to teach kids the Gospel. Kids learn many timeless truths from us but if we fail to teach them that everything is about Jesus we have failed to pass on a faith that lasts. This is only possible by elevating Christ and recognizing and dealing with our own inner pharisees.

Our kids need to hear this Christmas season and every week of the year the simple truth Mother Teresa based her whole life on. A reporter once asked Mother Teresa why she did what she did? How was she able to give so much up for people who were so poor. She answered so simply and so powerfully “Jesus is Everything”.  Every time I hear that quote I tear up because of the simple profundity of the statement. I want my kids to understand at Christmas and everyday “Jesus Is Everything”.

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