The Almighty Bible Review.

If you work with kids or are a parent of kids one of the things that should keep you up at night is “How can I get my kids to love the bible.” The more media rich our environment around us become the more passé reading becomes. More than being aware of that fact it should bother us. To think that one of the first books printed and the book behind the print revolution was the Bible.

Technology is moving forward and we need to move along with it. I received a free copy of Genesis and Exodus from the folks at The Almighty Bible. Before I get into a review of them let me start by saying I went to their website before I read the books and was very impressed because they “get” the whole technology thing. If the bible is going to reach the next Generation and live beyond us we have to innovate never changing the message but always the method of delivery. The people over at the Almighty Bible get that loud and clear. They created this bible with the app in mind it’s media rich and compelling. I love picture bibles and graphic novel translations of the bible because I believe they serve as a powerful connecting bible that helps kids transition from a kids bible to a more traditional bible.

Check out this quote from their site:

“The Almighty Bible presents a compelling narrative for a younger generation. The visuals are intriguing and enhance the written story. I look forward to the next ones, especially on my iPad.”

– Ralph Winter, producer of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Star Trek series

I recently bought my son The Action Bible he loves it. He has told me on more than one occasion “Dad, I love my bible”. My kids also love The Almighty Bible, even though the text in The Almighty Bible is at a much higher level than my 3 and 5 year old can understand they were drawn in by the rich graphics and asked questions about words and concepts they didn’t understand. They really were pulled into the seamlessness of the story it was telling. I think that the Almighty Bible does a great job engaging kids in God’s word. To maintain the graphic novel feel they summarize quite a bit and leave out quite a bit so I am sure some people won’t like that, I didn’t mind because I realize that The Almighty Bible is a part of a larger journey my kids are on. I love that there is an interactive version for the iphone and iPad. You can tell that lots and time and energy has gone into this product and I pray the end result is more kids loving their bibles.

I loved the Almighty Bible as a parent and a pastor to kids and families, I will encourage every parent I know to add the The Almighty Bible to the list of bibles they buy for their kids.

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