Happy Valentines Day.

When I was growing up I didn’t like valentines day that much. Valentines day can be as much a reminder of love lost as it can be of love gained. I do have to say that the last 14 valentines days have been amazing. Did I give or recieve 20 tons of cocholate?

Just how many chocolate-covered hearts do we shove down our pie-holes each Valentine’s Day? According to Nielsen, Americans will purchase around 58 million pounds of chocolateduring the days leading up to the 14th (a small fraction of the reported 3 billion pounds per year), and we shell out somewhere around $345 million to satisfy our Valentine’s sweet tooth. (From news.holidayhash.com)

or give hundreds of roses? nope.

According to TheRomantic.com, 110 million Valentine’s roses are sold and delivered in a three-day period surrounding February 14th, the vast majority of which are red. Of those 110 million, 73% are purchased by men and only 27% are purchased by women (From news.holidayhash.com)

All that stuff is great but if you don’t do the simple things all year round all the candy and roses on valentines day will only draw attention to the lack of attention you are giving your spouse. So guys give you wife flowers and candy but more than just today make a decision to do the little things all year round.

More than Roses and chocolate give your wife

1. Time (Men just shut up and listen, we try to hard to make everything better)
2. Complements – Early and often men, early and often
3. Pray together – Guilty here – I don’t do this enough.
4. Thank God for your spouse. – I do this often, but you can never do it enough.
5. Change yourself – Because you can’t change your spouse.

Well now that I’ve convicted myself. I am going to shut my computer off and go tell my wife I love her. Happy Valentines Day.

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