Things we are doing for Christmas in Uptown: Happy Birthday Jesus Party

We started something last year called a “Happy Birthday Jesus Party”. It was great around 4 weeks before we informed the parents about it by giving out flyers that were actual birthday cards. We encouraged kids to invite their friends to a Birthday Party for Jesus. We taught our normal lesson about 2 weeks before Christmas we did our normal icebreaker, we did our normal lesson talking about the birth of Christ then for the second small group and in our Preschool rooms we had birthday parties complete with balloons, streamers and cupcakes. The small group leader talks to the kids about the true meaning of Christmas it’s when we celebrate the birth of our savior.

I am really excited to do this again. I loved it last year because I think it is a great way for kids to understand the true meaning of Christmas. The challenge we face as Christians is that although (spoiler: don’t let your kids read this) Santa isn’t real your kids can see him at any mall and even thought Jesus is real and was really born to a real person we can’t see him. Kids understand concerete concepts and I think that having a birthday party for Jesus and explaining the story of the first christmas over cupcakes is an amazing way to cement the true idea of Christmas in their minds. Kids may not understand mangers but they sure as heckfire understand birthday parties.  Just a thought. It works for us.

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  • That's a really good idea, and a great way to add a new flavor to the season. I know in my case, just personally, the Christmas story, to be honest, is the least moving at Christmas time. If I read it any other time, I'm moved by the humility of Jesus to be born that way and the sacrifices and dangers. But, when I read it around Christmas, I can't help but think about the cutesy mangers I see everywhere, none of which are dirty, none of which have splinters. The stylized celebrations almost make it harder to relate to the story, and seeing Santa everywhere makes it hard to separate the two.

    A birthday party for Jesus presents things in a whole new light, and really focuses people on Jesus' life. I don't know about you, but I've never been to a birthday party where the story of the person's birth was recounted, because it's all about celebrating their life as it is now and wishing them the best now possible, out of love (and because their mom is usually there to discourage the birthing stories).

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