Summer Camp: Resources

This is the last post on camp. What resources do I need to pull off camp?

Detailed Councilor schedule – I create a detailed councilor schedule for my councilors every year for a few reasons. 1. So that they feel comfortable and know what is going on at the camp and what is next on the agenda. 2. Most importantly when kids ask me what we are doing next I tell them to ask their councilors. 3. Help councilors know when to be where. I send this out to the councilors a few weeks before camp.

Medical Release form – Has to be filled out for every kid under 18 according to our insurance company.

Camp Payment Spreadsheet – I have included a spread sheet that will help you track payments and medical release forms for your kids

High Level schedule – this is a quick reference that tells councilors and kids where they need to be when.

Here is the download link for those forms.

I will also include the branding for our last 3 camps if you want to tweak them for yourselves feel free.

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  • Has you school year started yet. Just wanted know b/c if we decide to do camp next year would have to do it before school starts back. Our schools start back up around Aug 9. Also why do you have 5th 6th and 7th graders. Im guessing b/c the school structure is differnt in NY. We are in Ga and we have elementry age up to 5th grade then middleschool starts at 6th. Thanks for all the help

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