Free Bible Lesson: 1 & 2 Samuel

1 & 2 Samuel
– Book of Hearing Gods Voice

Key Point -God Speaks to me through the Bible and my parents.
Memory Verse – John 10:4 “He walks in front of them, and they follow because they know His voice”
Intro – The MC will be speaking about how to hear God’s voice explaining that mostly God speaks to us though our parents, through our pastors, through the Bible, and through that still small voice
Skit – Never talk to strangers – God shouldn’t be a stranger to us – Two kids are eating lunch one asks the other if he ever talks to God the other kid says that my mommy told me I am not suppose to talk to strangers. You mean you have never heard of God. You don’t know God? The other kid says that he doesn’t know God. The first kid can not believe that the second kid doesn’t know who God is. The first kid takes time to tell you how to get to know God, how he wants to be your best friend. That once you know God you will know what his voice sounds like. The second kid can’t believe that God can speak to you. He asks how he too can learn to hear God’s voice. The first kid tells the other kid “why don’t we listen and find out how” (both freeze as the team leader comes up and begins to explain how we can hear God’s voice)
Skit –Boy lost in store but knows his fathers voice – Have a boy pretend that he is in a supermarket. (have someone say over the mike clean up in isle 2 ect…) Have the lost boy looking for captain crunch he is with his father. The boy starts to get scared where is my father I am all alone he get scared he begins to look for his dad. (he has a almost ready to cry scared look on his face) His father who left out the side door is using the wireless mike to call his son) His father begins to call his son bobby where are you bobby! As soon as the boy hears his fathers voice his face has a smile on it and he knows that his dad is close. A lady who works for the supermarket asks if the boy is lost. The boy says that he ways but he heard his fathers voice and know that he will see him soon as soon as he says that his father comes in the side door they run and hug each other. The boy tells the father that he was scared until he heard his fathers voice.
Object Lesson – What would God tell you to do? – How do you know if God is speaking to you? Have some kids come up let the rest of the kids decide if this is something that God would have me do? (Have the kids line up go to each one say I feel like God is telling me to ……for some say something that God would never say like you would look better if you had three arms for other say something that he would say like tell them that you think they are the best) Let the kids in the audience pick which ones where more like something God would say to you.
Object Lesson – Knowing God – you go from tin cans to cell phone – It says in the Bible that people that know God know his voice the more you know God the better you get at knowing when he is speaking to you it is like this when you first are born again, saved you get this to communicate with God (Have to cans connected by string). But the more you get to know him you trade in you cans for a direct line. (Have a cell phone) The more you know him the easier it is to know when He is speaking.
Bible Story – 1 Samuel 3 –Samuel hearing God’s voice thinking that it was Eli’s
How to hear God’s voice.
Listen (be still you can’t listen if you are talking)
Check (make sure that what you are hearing is God’s voice, check the with your parents)
Obey (do what God told you to do )
Puppet – Puppet comes up and thinks that the MC is God’s voice – In the middle of the Bible story where the MC is impersonating God’s voice the puppet will come up and say yes Lord. The MC will explain that he is telling the story and that was him saying Samuel. The puppet says ok and goes away. The next time the MC says Samuel the puppet comes back up and says yes Lord thinking he herd God voice. The MC asks what the puppet’s name is and it isn’t even Samuel but the puppet is unfamiliar with the story of Samuel so the MC finishes tell the Bible story to the kids and the puppet.

1 & 2 Samuel Small group

Activity – Have all the kids close their eyes have one kid come up and say something and then return to his/her seat and see how many kids know the voice of their classmates. Explain how the better you know someone the easier it is to recognize their voice. The better we know God the easier it is to know his voice.


What does God’s voice sound like?

Has God ever spoken anything to you?

Who does God use to speak to us?

Is Jesus you best friend?

How do you talk to Jesus?

Why do we pray?

Does God hear us when we pray?

What are some things that God will tell you to do?

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