YouTube Friday: Don't Commit Adultery Kids!

Here is a fantastic example of average animation with a message that is completely missing it audience. It’s important that we make sure that our content and presentation are always on the same page. These guys totally missed it….unless their goal was to end up on YouTube friday in that case…..Homerun!


Thanks Kenny for this fabulous little nugget.

Give Away Tuesday!

Hey it’s time again for a Give away Tuesday. I had the amazing opportunity to meet “The Lads” a few weeks ago. They graciously gave me some of their products and my boys LOVE them. People in children’s ministry are always looking for fun fresh music for their environments I strongly suggest The Lads Band.

Why do I love “The Lads”

1. They are passionate about reaching kids far from God.
2. They are a part of and believe in the local church
3. The think outside the box
4. Few bands for kids have early punk undertones. (I love me some punk-rawk)
5. They have a great sense of humor.
6. They gave me some free stuff.

If you have never bought or listened to their music do it today!

I thought I would give away a DVD of their TV show that they  made. It has 5 episodes + bonus features. Here is how you win it.

In order to be entered into the drawing simply follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:

@samluce is giving away a free copy of @theladsband TV show DVD over at #kidmin #cmconnect

Contest ends this friday. Good luck.

Undercover Boss: Small vs. Big

The bigger you get the more intentional you have to be about staying small.

Another common thread with the show undercover Boss I want to discuss is how the bigger you get the more intentional you have to be about staying small. I know this sounds paradoxical but thinking big requires you to break down your processes to the simplest form.

In undercover boss often the CEO being featured has lost touch with the day to day processes. In rightly thinking big they have wrongly forgotten how to keep things small. If you want to grow your ministry, church, business you have to think what will be forced to do when we are large and start doing that.

Here is where it gets tricky. We tend to do well thinking large but not so well at keeping that small feeling in a large setting. To be successful in children’s ministry you have to focus on reaching people far from God at the same time think how can we truly contain what God is doing in our church

Here are some things that I wrestling through to help us stay small as we grow.

1. Small group leaders who really know the kids in their group on a personal level.
2. Working on remembering people’s name
3. Making sure I delegate authority and responsibility.
4. Creating community around serving teams and life stages.
5. Think through everything we say and do with the mindset of a first time guest.

I am 2

Well the march madness Children’s ministry blogging competition came to a close last Friday. I did not win but I did come in second place. I feel a little like Beyonce at the Grammies sitting next to Taylor Swift. Not really, actually I couldn’t have lost to a nicer guy. Rob Bradbury is an amazing guy who I have never met him but love his blog and his massive amounts of creativity. I appreciate all that Rob does for his church and “The Church.”

I was honored to even be listed with the likes of Kenny, Rob and Amy.  Thanks for your votes and for anyone who reads my little blog.

YouTube Thursday? Easter Video

Well today is Thursday and I will not be blogging tomorrow so I thought I would share with you a great video that we are going to be using in our kids church this easter. It is the Bible as told by sand. Weird right. Actually it amazing be sure to check out there site to see the other parts in this three part video series. Bravo sand bible people, bravo.