If you could go to any church? Would you go to yours?

Kidmin road trip overview Part 4
Sunday – Drove into Nashville and attended service at Pete Wilson’s church CrossPoint Church.
Got to meet Jenni Catron and Pat Rowland – Great people.
What I loved about CrossPoint
  • People were friendly –
  • Service had a great flow you can tell thought went into making the experience seamless.
  • Musicians were amazing. (Being in Music City USA helps I’m sure)
  • Great kids spaces –
  • Innovative and flexible as they lease space not own.
  • Loved hearing Pat’s passion for next generation ministries.
[Take away from the stop – The best compliment I can give a church is to say that I would attend that church if I lived there. Let me tell you if I lived in Nashville I would go to Crosspoint in a New York minute. How about you. Is the church you attend or work in the type of church you would attend if you have a choice? If not what are you going to do about it this week?]

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