Children's Ministry 101: Building a Team

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was just starting out was trying to do to much myself. I have learned that if you want to build something that lasts and if you want to last you MUST build a team.

Here are the basics in my mind of building a team:

  • Identify those who already have a dog in the fight.
  • Connect with those people, listen to them
  • Start speaking vision
  • Out of those people start spending time with those most loyal to you
  • In building a team look for places you can solve problems fast. It will give you the capital you need to take on the bigger problems
  • Speak Vision some more
  • Start handing off responsibility and authority to those most loyal to you and the vision.
  • Inspect and coach those who you lead
  • Pray early and often

(Rinse and Repeat)

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