Children's Ministry 101: Building a Team

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was just starting out was trying to do to much myself. I have learned that if you want to build something that lasts and if you want to last you MUST build a team.

Here are the basics in my mind of building a team:

  • Identify those who already have a dog in the fight.
  • Connect with those people, listen to them
  • Start speaking vision
  • Out of those people start spending time with those most loyal to you
  • In building a team look for places you can solve problems fast. It will give you the capital you need to take on the bigger problems
  • Speak Vision some more
  • Start handing off responsibility and authority to those most loyal to you and the vision.
  • Inspect and coach those who you lead
  • Pray early and often

(Rinse and Repeat)

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6 thoughts on “Children's Ministry 101: Building a Team

  1. Great ideas! I have learned that one of the most effective way to connect and solidify people is by listening.
    I also like the point about solving problems fast. One of the biggest complaints is that people voice problems and no one does anything about it.
    The second to the last point – Inspect and coach those who _____, who what?

  2. This is great, Sam. Thanks for posting this.

    Another thing that I am learning about building a team is this – define your roles. Job descriptions, organizational charts, the whole nine yards. Not necessarily the sexiest stuff, but definitely much needed. When one is putting together a band, you don't want to have 3 drummers and a vocalist, but no bass or guitar. Gotta know which players you need on your team and then find folks that fit.