Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-25

  • Working on my bathroom dealing with two of the things I like least. Electricity and insolation. #
  • Consulting with a church this weekend. My church. What are you doing? #kidmin #
  • (On pastors) "There are only two kinds of people who make a living doing what we do us and circus performers." John Wesley #kidmin #
  • #kidmin determine the 1%, parents have the power to decide what reaches their kids the other 99%. from via @prince4jc #
  • Announcing Bible Bucks 2.0! #fb #cmconnect #kidmin #
  • Redid all the electric in my bathroom. I didn't die or short anything out. Wooped need to get to bed. Staff meeting in the morning. #
  • Reading my bible. Can't remember the last time I read the bible with actual pages. I love youversion. #
  • In staff, hot room no air. fading fast. #
  • Watching some Yankee baseball! Love it. Baseball always makes it feel like summer even if the weather doesn't. #
  • Teaching your kids self-controll. Lessons from Willie Wonka. #fb #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • Setting our worship sets for the next 3 months. #kidmin #
  • Feeling crazy productive today. Maybe it was all that sleep last night. #fb #
  • RT @RyanGolightly: trying 2 imagine our kid min full of dad's that were committed to asking these questions: @perrynoble #
  • At the docs getting a final sonagram makings sure baby girl is ok. She is so cute on the sceen can't wait to meet her. #fb #
  • Just got my @yancynotnancy order in the mail. We are revamping our preschool worship this fall. Woot! #kidmin #
  • Hit 100,000 miles on our car today. Our car is 4 years old. We drive alot #fb #

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