Rules of Engagement: Art of Communication (Pt 3)

Reed Dickens ended his talk with the following statement.

The goal of every message – clear – concise – compelling

Brilliant statement. If we filter all the communications in our church from our web to pulpit presence what a difference that would make.
For me I know I am not clear because I haven’t taken the time to process my thoughts and then translate them into actionable steps.

I am not concise because I think more is better and because more is easy. Being concise means I have to get rid pet projects or pet statements

I am not compelling because I am not clear or concise.

Kids pastors, Youth Pastors, Senior Pastors do the people in your churches a favor be clear – concise – and compelling

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5 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement: Art of Communication (Pt 3)

  1. I own this 100%. Though I’m a gifted speaker, I’m effective only when I present processed thoughts. Lately my communication has felt more like verbal vomits with no clear direction. I’ve learned people don’t like chunks.

  2. Sam, was it something you ate in Atlanta???

    I feel I’m can be very clear and often very compelling. Concise? Just read my average blog post an you’ll see that I’m working on that one.