Links I used for my discipleship group.


This is an online devotional that is two of my favorite things: Simple and Practical. I am using it myself as well as a tool for a Jr. Councilor Discipleship group I am doing. I have been using it for about a week and I love it. I found it on Dave’s blog. (BTW Dave In the name of all that is Holy add FMD to your blogroll already. LOL) Check out for yourself.

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Grouptweet is what we are going to be using to communicate with each-other. I chose grouptweet over facebook because the better sms and some kids are not allowed on facebook. I think the combination of protected updates and grouptweet are the best solution for any small group.


Here is the Logo I created for our kidscamp this year. I am a huge fan of a couple more things. Simple easy design that isn’t clipart. I have a growing list of ministry things that drive me nuts. As you all know I hate flannelgraph Jesus I also hate crappy design. In todays day and age I don’t think there is any excuse for it. I am not a graphic designer I know the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator. I am a self proclaimed Adobe hack. If I can do it you can to. Take the time to make all the print stuff you do for your ministry amazing. I try and use vector files as much as possible thanks to my good friend Gareth have come to love Vector files, but thats me use whatever woorks for you. I buy vector files off of iStockphoto but only after I check out these free sites.

Free Vectors.Net (a church graphics network with some really good stuff)
Vector Magic (A very cool tool that turns any picture into a vector file.)

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