Why I……….Trust


This is a wonderful difficult one for me. Why I trust. I think each of us as a Christ follower must come to terms with the issue of trust. If you would have asked me 3 years ago why I trust God I would have given you a totally different answer to that question than I will today.

I don’t always trust. In fact two days ago my son was sick and had certain symptoms and I lost it. I have come and and coming to realize that trust isn’t blind faith but more of an awareness and recognition of what God’s character is and believing, trusting in him despite what our circumstances say.

I trust because of who He is not what He does that I perceive to be Good or Bad.

I trust because I am now unafraid to doubt. I don’t live in a constant place of doubt but have learned over the past couple years that God is OK with my doubts in fact many times those doubts have refined my trust.

Trust is earned and grows in over time in the context of healthy relationship.

I am still learning twittered this the other day: Think I’m understanding childlike faith: Trusting God’s character w/o always understanding his actions.

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