Tools of the Children's Ministry Trade.

I want to take a few minutes to brag on a few companies that have been making some amazing products that I have found helpful in kids ministry.

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We have been running our kids store for about two weeks now. Stickystreet has exceeded expectations. I have been doing kids candy stores “bible bucks” for years. This is the answer to the prayer I never prayed but Lord knows I should have. AMAZING. If you are doing reward system of any kind you need to look them up. I will do a longer post about them later this week or next week but quickly why I like them.

1. Simple interface
2. Web based
3. Inexpensive
4. Easy to use for our volunteers

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I have been looking for a program for a while that will help me not only do my todo lists but organize all the crazy compartments of my life. 3 campus’ 1 family, side business. I am loving things. There are a lot of very good Personal Management software out there but I have been captivated by “Things” simple complexity. Why I love things over everything else.

1. Simple interface
2. iPhone app
3. Not Subscription based
4. Thorough simplicity

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Tweetgrid is an amazing twitter tool than can be used to follow twitter groups, hashes and the like. In tweetgrid you can search for any word and whenever that word is mentioned on Twitter it pops up on your screen. One thing that sets Tweetgrid apart from it’s peers in the twitter search category is the ability to host a twitter party very cool functionality for live tweeting. I have used it to live chat during the superbowl, 24, and during the office. As far as it’s use for kids ministy. I think it would be very useful to do a tweetcollaboration meeting or maybe I will give it a whirl at orange this year.

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