Thank you Sarah Palin!

SarahPalin380tall-2I’m back in. I usually don’t get very political because I think it is very important yet very personal. I am neither a Republican or Democrat. I am a registered Independent. I have been ticked with both parties didn’t want to vote for McCain was pulling for Mitt Romney for the Republicans and for Hillary for the Dems.

I seriously was considering voting for mickey mouse, spider-man or maybe even myself. I am a strong believer that everyone should always vote. There has been much blood and sacrifice given so we can vote. I always vote.

If she is a true conservative I believe I have been swayed over to McCain’s camp. Ronald Reagan is looking down and smiling. Thank you Sarah Palin! Thank You.

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  • I was just reading up on her bio (via Amy). I got really excited, because now I wont be completely indifferent on my voting choice.

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