I hate Bloggers!

I realize that this is quite the strong title but let me explain. Since I started blogging over a year ago one of the things that always has ticked me off is bloggers who rail against other people, athletes, ministers and ministries.

Many of these so called bloggers (I call them bla-bla’s) use the power of the internet to tear down others while watching their stats soar. In the past few days I have seen this with Todd Bently, Hillsongs and us at Mt. Zion.

Let me start with Todd Bently, I met Todd a few years ago and needless to say from the very start he was not my cup of tea, but you know what. That’s ok. I have read some very vicious things written about him in the past few weeks. Even though we vastly disagree on some very serious things. I still pray for him and his family

Next Hillsong. I can’t believe how harsh some people have been with Hillsong. It is almost like blog snipers are waiting in the hill country to snipe any chance they get. I don’t know anyone from Hillsong personally but have been profoundly touched by thier ministry. I do know Dave Wakerley through his blog and he is a class act. I trust Hillsong is doing and will do all they can in this situation, they have many world class leaders on their staff and speaking into their church. I bless them and pray for them.

Lastly us. We are about to have the grand opening of our children’s wing in a couple of weeks and have received some local press coverage. One site allows anonymous comments the other you have to register to leave a comment. The site that allows anonymous comments has many comments some cowardly and foolish others encouraging. I have never allowed what others think to shape or guide me. So that isn’t the issue. I am just annoyed that so many people who call themselves christians use the internet and their blog as a platform to push down others who try new ideas, to carelessly snipe at the character of other leaders and ministers just to feel the rush of lots of hits and a few loony comments by crazies who say they agree.

To all you bla-bla’s who call themselves christians STOP IT!

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  • THANK YOU! I have privately repromanded many friends who have used their blogs to attack, especially Christians. As someone who isn’t perfect myself I find it curious people are so comfortable to post such mean things and claim to be a Christian at times. I’m OK with being controversial, disagreeing is ok, the Internet can be a great place for tough conversations (even politics) but tearing down and being mean is out of place. This was a great post. Ironically, i didn’t know anything was going on at Hillsong until this post, and I’m resisting the urge to Google and find out. I’ll just send up a prayer. 🙂

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