I hate Bloggers (Part 2)

Thanks everyone for your kind responses. I just want to be clear that I am not affect by what others think or say about us. I am just amazed that people who call themselves Christians can be so devoid of Christian love.

I recently took my son to a VBS at another church. They had twice the amount of kids that we had when we did VBS. I was and still am genuinely happy for them. I thanked them for their time and dedication and have said only good things about them and their church.

Other churches are NOT our competition. I believe the more energy we spend on reach out together instead of back stabbing and blog bashing the greater testimony we can be to those who are far from God. Because whether we want to admit it or not the world is watching and to often we give them a reason to shake their heads and walk away.

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  • I thank you for stating the obvious. We are not in competition with other churches to reach the lost and we should all be working together for HIs good. No one church is “better” in His eyes as long as they preach the gospel and spread His good news. The church I attend is the church for me – the church I feel called to – but I don’t for one minute believe that everyone is called to attend here. The church isn’t the building we worship in, its the people who worship HIM.

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