Free Bible Lesson Galatians: The Book of Freedom

Galatians – Book of Freedom
Key Point – We are free to love Jesus
Memory Verse – Galatians 5:1  “We have freedom now, because Christ made us free. So stand strong.”

Bible Story – Peter is freed from prison by an Angel of the Lord – (Acts 12)
True freedom comes from
Loving Jesus
Obeying Jesus
Peter truly loved Jesus he told others about Him even when it got him in trouble. He even went to jail because he was telling others about Jesus. Because Jesus died for our sins we are free to tell others about how much He loves us and we love Him. The more we obey Jesus the more free we are. The less we obey Jesus the less free we are. When we love Jesus and obey Him we will always walk in freedom, because Jesus will take care of us. Peter went to Jail for telling others about Jesus, but Jesus took care of him and sent and Angel of the Lord to free him from Jail.

Skit – A boy thinks he is free because he can do whatever he wants to but what he doesn’t understand is that the more he sins the more chains are placed around him to restrict him. – have a boy walk around saying that he is so glad that he learned in “kids church” that he is free to do what ever he wants. He begins to think of all the things he is going to do with his new-found freedom. He thinks of how he is going to talk back and disobey his parents, he is going to hang out with the bad kids at school, he is going to hit his brother and sisters. As he is thinking these things have someone wrapping him up with rope. At the end of the rope have the kid think out loud, “if I am so free why do I feel so wrapped up and not free”. Then have the boy leave and the MC explain that we are free to do what we want we can talk back to our parents hang out with bad kids but if we do our life is going to be full of pain and we will not be truly free. We are free when we love Jesus and Obey Jesus. Some of the ways we do that is by listening and obeying our parents and by making good friends.

Skit – We are free to love Jesus but that also makes us free to love other things we need to make sure that we love Jesus more than any other thing. We need to make sure that our love for Jesus is number one. – Have someone come out and talk about how they love everything they love the podium, the wall the garbage; most of all they love God. They have been free to love everything that God created because they Love Jesus. MC explains that the reason you love everything is because we are a reflection of Jesus. We are free to love others we are free when we love Jesus and obey Jesus.

Object Lesson – (have a small American flag) Explain how people have given their lives in wars so that we can have the freedoms we have in this country. In the same way Christ died for us so that we can have freedom in him.

Object Lesson – Freedom comes when we trust Jesus not put him in a box. Have large box and pick a child from the audience to come up and help then have that child get in the box and you are going to have that child do what ever you tell them to do. The child in the box finds it harder to do the various activities. Explain to the kids that when we trust Jesus there comes freedom but when we try to put Jesus in a box by telling him what he can and can not do in our life he is restricted in what he can do through us.

Puppet – Have someone come out with a puppet on their hand greet the kids and begin talking to the puppet. The puppet talks back they have a bit of small talk then the puppet decides that he doesn’t want the MC’s hand in him any more he doesn’t want to be controlled. The MC tries to explain that without him there is no life. The puppet persists the MC finally gives in to the puppets demand. The MC pulls out his hand and the puppet lays on the floor lifeless. The MC explains to the kids that this is similar to God we want.

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