How to Kid Proof your iPad

When I first got my iPhone and iPad one of the more frustrating things for me was the fact my kids would roam all over it changing stuff. Well that and the fact they would use it while eating Cheetos. I have yet to solve the Cheetos issue. I did however, discover that apple come out with a very easy very brilliant way to keep kids at home or at school locked into only the app you want them in.

How to kid proof you iPad in a few basic steps

1. Go to your settings icon > press the general tab >then press the accessibility tab

2. Once in the accessibility tab select > select guided access

3. Once in guided access tab – turn on guided access and the accessibility shortcut

4. Once that is complete select the program you want your kids to use.

5. Once in that program hit your home button three times in rapid succession you will see a guided access screen over your app

6. To use as is hit the start button and your child will be locked out of every other app and will not be able to use any controls including the volume so make sure you adjust the volume before turning on guided access.

7. To leave guided access press the home button three times in rapid succession again, then hit cancel.

8. If your kids figure out how to leave guided access you have the option of adding a pass code that you must enter to leave guided access. Make sure you pick something you will remember or write it down you don’t want to be locked out of your own device.

*Advanced options

Custom button lock – You have a couple of advanced options that you can use to further customize how your kids use the app they are. For example to keep them from clicking on a banner that is in the app, or to keep them for adjusting the volume inside the app. You can do this by creating a custom block of certain buttons by simply drawing around them. 

The next custom feature you have available to you is a time limit. You can set a time limit that will bring up an access code that will make the iPad non functional unless you add the code. This is a great way to limit your child’s time on the iPad. If you are looking to limit your child’s time on the iPad check out my post here on how to do that. 



That’s it if you have any questions leave a comment below to help the community as others may have the same questions.